We do not provide after hours service at this stage. We advise people to ring 000 for an emergency or go to Mildura Base Hospital after our clinic is closed. Mildura Base Hospital is located on: 216 Ontario Ave, Mildura VIC 3500. Mildura Base Hospital contact number is: (03) 5022 3333

Once we establish what medications you plan to take with you, your doctor can give you a medication summary letter, authorising the carrying of medications for personal use.

Some vaccines are compulsory and requires a certificate of proof to fulfill entry and quarantine requirements for that particular country, like Yellow fever vaccine. Irymple Medical Centre is registered with the Department of Health as a Yellow Fever vaccination centre. The majority of vaccinations are highly recommended due to the prevalence of disease in that … Read more

Travel health is based on a person by person basis they are individualized and influenced by many factors. Some of these being: Age Past Medical/Surgical History Allergies Past Vaccination History Destination/Itinerary Length of time away Types of accommodation Activities that will be undertaken while away Travel Insurance Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all travellers … Read more

How we are improving the health of Australian males: Heart disease prevention Diabetes prevention Prostate health Erectile dysfunction Testosterone deficiency Weight and optimum nutrition Depression and emotional health Smoking cessation

Some of the services we offer include: Adolescent health concerns Menstrual irregularities Polycystic ovary syndrome investigation and treatment Weight loss and nutrition in particular the links between nutrition and food as medicine and the effect on hormones Contraception and family planning STI screening and treatment Infertility investigations Postnatal care, breastfeeding and the transition to parenthood … Read more

Irymple Medical Centre

Irymple Medical Centre is an accredited practice that has been providing high-quality care to the community for over several years